Real audio recordings of relaxing ocean waves & nature sounds recorded at locations around the world.

My journey with Oceanscapes began several years ago in the winter of 2018. After performing in rock n roll bands for most of my 20s i developed Tinnitus, a hearing condition causing a constant ringing or buzzing sound in the ears. This made it difficult to sleep at night and as a result I began looking into treatments. The science seemed to point towards natural white noise such as rain or ocean sounds as a calming remedy and way to filter out the ringing.

I set out across Australia and began making recordings of ocean sounds and waves at various beaches. While initially for my personal use i soon realized that these could be beneficial for the public at large and began releasing albums of these recordings. Now with over 3 million streams across the globe there have been thousands of people who have benefited from the calming and relaxing effects of ocean & wave sounds. They can be used for meditation, yoga, room ambience and also as a counter to noisey environments such as city trams, or crowded subways.